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Opening Times Daily During The Summer 18h -11.30h tel. info/reservations (0030)-6947473567 Lies (0030)-6940607817Chris
C hristoforos, his Belgian wife L eez and their son Aristotelis are the heart and soul of the Vinieri Bistro. During winter Christoforos works on his paintings and tries to have some exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. In the summertime, the Bistro walls are perfect for displaying the previous winter's work and creativity continues, not on canvas now, but in the kitchen and on the plate. Everything you see was either build, restored or planted by this tireless couple. Leez swapped a career in criminology and teaching in Belgium for laying bricks, sawing wood, painting walls and looking after guests. Aristotelis, although only twelve, can handle a drill, helps digging the garden and entertains the children who visit the Bistro. Theirs is a common effort born from a genuine desire for the ultimate creation : a moment of wellbeing for all those who pass by.

Dassia-Vinieri- Bistro
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